Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MC Design Profile | A Shirt Called Charlie

When Mick and Keith and the boys are in their leather and satin or spandex and fringe, Charlie always pulls through with exquisite tailoring. He rarely even rolls up his sleeves when it comes time to work.

I've named this shirt style after Mr. Watts for that very reason. The cut is clean, trim, and polished. The baby houndstooth collar and detailing is crisp and refined. With that kind of class in the mix, Charlie works just as well paired with your work-day suit as it does for a night at the club.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MC Design Profile | A Shirt Called "Jones"

Davy? George? No.....its Brian.

When I design and name new styles, I sometimes think about who I could see - or would like to see - wearing that particular style. For this shirt it's Brian Jones. Daydream with me for a second; Visualize this shirt with it's plaid spread collar and front placket detail showcasing a perfectly tied Full-Windsor knot and Mr. Jones himself bringing an number of other Carnaby-inspired delights into the equation. A pin-wale corduroy military jacket, maybe? A curly-lamb collared overcoat with brass hardware?

But that's 1967.

For today's Modern Gentleman it makes just as much sense with your favorite jeans on any given day of the week. For today's Modern Gentleman with a reason to celebrate it can be the piece you wear to delight your friends and fans on an important Friday night when you proudly sport your skinny suit and freshly-shined strides.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Look what's new!


Michelle LaFrance from NW SOURCE was a great visitor to have at the shop last week. I love when writers come through to learn about my work and the space; they always seem so tuned in to the creative process and the work of an artist. Have a look at this great feature she offers up. Thanks Michelle!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrating the NEW LOOK OF MC

After a week in bed with the flu, I'm happy to be back at work. Coming to the studio these days looks a little bit different now that we have made the move to fully revamp the space and proudly showcase the MC collections in a retail front of their very own!

We've added over 200 square feet of retail space here at the shop, so you all can come roam and browse for hours without my pesky cutting tables and sewing machines getting in your way! The best news of all is that this means lots more room for new designs and new styles on the rack and ready for you.

What do you think? Come pay us a visit in know we'd love to see you!

And of course you can count on more pictures of the new space SOON!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Inspiration | Grace on Sesame Street

Treasures unearthed: Grace Slick offers the vocal track for the Jazzy Spies series on Sesame Street. 1969.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Partners In Crime | MC and Heilyke

I loved being a student. Those were especially wonderful years in my life, and I constantly find myself reflecting on how formative and important those grueling college years truly were.

Now as an instructor at the University of Washington I get to watch new talent emerge and shine under the bright lights of academia. Stand-out students quickly make themselves recognizable, and often continue that momentum after they graduate and take on the real world.

Heili Aun Nalla, a former student of mine has continued to see great press and attention for all her recent work. Heili has been an irreplacible help to the work here at my shop as she steadily forges ahead by my side to offer her expert patternmaking skills and superb stitching abilities. And even more exciting now is the emergance of Heilyke ...her own line of womenwear. The sculptural beauty of this first suite of designs is impressive and exciting. Her debut runway event in July can be seen on Seattle Fashion TV, and she and I were happy to spend time together last night at the event lauch. NEEDLEPLUSTHREAD was especially supportive and generously offered to take our photographs during last night's party. Thanks to Kam for aiming her camera in our direction!

Also, be sure to take a look at her work in the Student Showcase of the newest issue of FiberArts Magazine.

Heili is a true talent and beautifully skilled craftswoman. I'm proud to know her and remain endelessly grateful to have her on the MC team!

C-Press | Seattle Fashion TV

Mitch and I had a great time last night at the soft launch of Seattle Fashion TV and enjoyed spending time with a wonderful flock of folks from Seattle's design and fashion scene. After talking with their camera man Basil I learned that a small video feature about yours truly just went up on their website. Have a look!

Thanks to Shalonne Foster and Basil Shadid at Seattle Fashion TV for this great piece.
Thanks to my studio intern Deb for sewing up a storm!
And thanks to the master tailors of London for enduring me calling them "the Saville Row guys"....they really are so much more than that!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Color | Signs of Fall

The changing colors in the city and the incredible autumn sun we're seeing in Seattle inspired me to add a little color to my signs out front.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Market Style | Looking Forward

If this is the direction men's style in the Northwest is headed, I think we're moving in a good direction. These guys at the market looked so great....their friendly smiles and willingness to chat were the perfect accessories to their already well-decorated looks.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Soul Seamster | Adam Arnold

After over three years of email correspondence, I finally had a chance to meet fellow design Adam Arnold during his recent visit to Seattle. Once upon a time when MC was a mere twinkle in my eye - or a lofty brainstorm at the very least - Adam was someone I tracked down and wrote to, knowing that he was doing well with his label in Portland and making a solid impact in the Northwest with the work he does.

Things have certainly not changed as his label continues to grow and his work continues to get attention. It was great fun spending some time with him at my space and learning that years of friendly correspondence between two young designers can finally merge into spending time together face to face in our workspaces. Even more fun was discovering his great energy and sense of humor! Its so nice to drop the seriousness and just have some laughs amongst the piles of fabric and someone else who knows what a life of this sort is like!

I look forward to traveling to Portland to visit Adam's studio, and of course encourage you all to keep an eye on his work.

And I'm a fool to not applaud his outfit...custom AdamArnold denim jacket with fabulous silk lining which he proudly parades along side the hard-earned hole in his handmade jeans. The derby and gold tooth are accessories I couldn't compete with. Inspiring, no doubt!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Thanks to Laura Cassidy, once again, for a great follow up to my Style Counsel feature with Seattle Metropolitan this month. I love it! Thanks Laura!

And be sure to keep your eye on her blog. She's a steady source of great news and updates about Seattle's style and fashion scene...without a doubt one to follow!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Sweet Inspiration | SON OF Hassle Free Sewing

A mistake and oversight on my behalf while ordering my very own copy of The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book brought me a copy of its predecessor, Son of Hassle-Free Sewing. To my delight, this second book features equally exciting hand-drawn illustrations and instructions, as well as photos from the family scrap-book.

Doesn't Drumgo look great in his clown suit? I wish he'd come by the shop ... I'd love to meet him! And Birgitta moves so well in her halter dress. Obviously Burke enjoys it all.
And what's not to love about an entire section devoted to easy-access and open-air wear? I was born 30 years late.

"Because we're ladies, the wording of the projects may seem to imply they are exclusively for others of our own gender but it ain't so. Most everything can be made for either a lady, a man or a child."

"Good garments for men would be:
Short Shorts (Elastic-Top and Fly Front)
Hot Overalls
Harem Pants
Western Shirt
Multi T-Shirt
Wraparound Pants
Maxine's Mandarin Jacket
Punjabi Pants
Drumgo's Fabulous Clown Suit for Children of Aaalll Ages"

On (Hot) Overalls | page 26
"When we all lived together, Bert brought back a pair of old-gold velvet overalls from King's Road, England. Both Sharon and Richie wanted them and an instant competition developed. For a number of weeks the overalls hung out alone in the closet, awaiting the winner. Eventually Richie's smaller tush was victorious."