Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Soul Seamster | Adam Arnold

After over three years of email correspondence, I finally had a chance to meet fellow design Adam Arnold during his recent visit to Seattle. Once upon a time when MC was a mere twinkle in my eye - or a lofty brainstorm at the very least - Adam was someone I tracked down and wrote to, knowing that he was doing well with his label in Portland and making a solid impact in the Northwest with the work he does.

Things have certainly not changed as his label continues to grow and his work continues to get attention. It was great fun spending some time with him at my space and learning that years of friendly correspondence between two young designers can finally merge into spending time together face to face in our workspaces. Even more fun was discovering his great energy and sense of humor! Its so nice to drop the seriousness and just have some laughs amongst the piles of fabric and someone else who knows what a life of this sort is like!

I look forward to traveling to Portland to visit Adam's studio, and of course encourage you all to keep an eye on his work.

And I'm a fool to not applaud his outfit...custom AdamArnold denim jacket with fabulous silk lining which he proudly parades along side the hard-earned hole in his handmade jeans. The derby and gold tooth are accessories I couldn't compete with. Inspiring, no doubt!


Blogger Adam said...


As I drove away from your studio last Friday, I was filled with the grooviest sense that what had just happened in the hour before was pure magic! Thanks for having me in your studio and I look forward to hanging again.


12:03 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Of course you two know one another!
I will be coming to your studio Thurs look out!

12:31 PM  

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