Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1939 | A Mark of History

For all you buttonhole enthusiasts out there, this is a taste of what my 1939 Singer industrial buttonhole machine will be able to do once it is fully repaired and back in my studio. I managed to find the one machine repair guy in the nation who is old enough to have trained on this very machine as an apprentice in the 1940s - and he is now bringing the beauty back to life for me. 

See those tails off the ends? While they would be trimmed away on a finished garment, they tell us on this sample that a beautiful piece of soft gimp runs inside the hole to give it strength and dimension, with the lustrous silk wrapping itself around the perimeter of the hole. No modern machines compare to the buttonholes this one can deliver, and I look forward to putting hundreds of them on MC garments down the road and making the service available to all you makers out there who are eager to put this time-tested mark history and quality in your own work.


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