Friday, October 19, 2012

BAM Craft Biennial Preview | Body Language

It is a great pleasure to have been juried into the prestigious Craft Biennial: High Fiber Diet coming to Bellevue Arts Museum this winter.  Enjoy this preview of the work that will be on display and some snapshots of the drawings (and table-top studio mess!) that made the new work possible.

Excerpt from artist statement by Michael Cepress:

"This new collection of pieces is derived from a series of studies of the male figure.  Drawing from a live model for several months, I worked to understand the armature that would give structure to the garments I would design. By carefully observing the nuances of each figure, this search for forms, layers, shapes and gestures would come to inspire how I cut and construct the cloth.  The body, its energy and movement, and my deep investment in craftsmanship and layered form guided the creation of these new works."