Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MC Design Profile | A Shirt Called "Jones"

Davy? George? No.....its Brian.

When I design and name new styles, I sometimes think about who I could see - or would like to see - wearing that particular style. For this shirt it's Brian Jones. Daydream with me for a second; Visualize this shirt with it's plaid spread collar and front placket detail showcasing a perfectly tied Full-Windsor knot and Mr. Jones himself bringing an number of other Carnaby-inspired delights into the equation. A pin-wale corduroy military jacket, maybe? A curly-lamb collared overcoat with brass hardware?

But that's 1967.

For today's Modern Gentleman it makes just as much sense with your favorite jeans on any given day of the week. For today's Modern Gentleman with a reason to celebrate it can be the piece you wear to delight your friends and fans on an important Friday night when you proudly sport your skinny suit and freshly-shined strides.


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