Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Examiner | C-Press

Thanks to well-respected man of fashion Chris Jones for taking the time to chat with me and highlight the conversation on Examiner.

I'm amazed I made it through the interview with a mere 2 mentions of Grace Slick. That's will power at work, friends.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This year's birthday gift from my brother- an April 1972 issue of After Dark Magazine- offers not only a brilliant and exciting feature on the lovely lady Grace Slick, but is loaded with an unexpected but welcome look at male fashion trends from that year.

Before I get into the images themselves, let me offer this disclaimer:

In general, modern-day laughing, poking-fun, joking, teasing and eye rolling about fashion trends from the past ticks me off. While every era has a small handful of odd fads and unusual trends (or unusual styles that never found their true momentum as actual trends) we must keep everything in context and remember that these were real people living real lives and doing what they could to be interesting, up-to-date, creative, fashionable, sexy and fun. I highlight these advertisements and snippets not to suggest our modern ways of dressing are somehow more superior, but to celebrate the variety of the past and honor each and every person who was bold and brave and proud enough to wear Eleganza, The Gladiator #104, a Shirt-Suit or the like.

Preston Manser has me very excited and inspired...taking me back to my love of Alex and Lee. The summer poncho is equally wonderful, and I could see any one of Seattle's young, fit and fashionable cyclists wearing one with his skinny jeans rolled to the knee and brightly colored socks.

The Marrakesh Kaftan and Hail Caesar Toga resonate very strongly with me. I currently own two kaftans that I wear around the house, and these variations promise similar comfort and style. The MC of 1999 would have loved the lace-up neck on Marrakesh, while the MC of today is less keen on that feature and more drawn to the embellished neckline on Hail Caesar. Either is a bargain at about 20 dollars.

Lucio di Roma had it figured out. This is stunning. And while the styling of the model's hair and glasses tells us exactly which decade this was printed, the suit itself transcends any number of decades and could make perfect sense today.
And yes, I believe every word. I'm certain things DID happen when one wore ELEGANZA!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Inspiration | Such A NIght

One more for good measure: May 23, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kiss My Ascot

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just cant do it all myself, friends!

FINELY SKILLED TAILOR NEEDED for an independent, up-scale menswear label. We offer custom, 100% hand-tailored luxury/designer garments to clients. We also offer high-end ready to wear pieces for luxury retailers. Looking for HIGHLY SKILLED tailors who are fully capable of constructing suits, vests, shirts, trousers and men's accessories from beginning to end.

-Workers should have their own workspace, fully equipped with adequate tools and equipment
-Contacted work agreements are preferred
-Efficient and fast turnaround
-Superb machine and hand sewing skills are essential
-4 to 20+ hours of work available per week
-Piece-work and hourly rates are possible - inquire for more information regarding payment
-All garments constructed of fine quality imported wools and silks
-Workers will be asked to present examples of past work and experience for evaluation before being hired

We truly value and honor the fine craft of tailoring, and seek to maintain this dying art. Please inquire via email for more information. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet Inspiration

a beautiful business card.

jumpsuit at larsen studios [circa 1980???]

style #823

peyote stitch ipod carrier.
["gourd stitch" carrier for the politically correct.]

Friday, May 08, 2009


THAW was a blast and a great step in the direction of beginning to share my new collection with you. And here's one more step in that direction.

Introducing the Michael Cepress Spring|Summer 2009 Collection Preview....

All images copyright 2009 Michael Cepress Studios
Photography: Debora Spencer
Hair Stylist: Henry Graham
Makeup: Suresh Seneviratne
Models: Cameron McCool, Jared Putnam

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


“I’ve been driven by color with this new collection. Pairing a playful palette with pieces that speak of the tailoring traditions I love so much has offered a steady stream of thrills. For this new collection I’ve vowed to present styles that are particularly pragmatic and wearable, without ever compromising opportunities to fully exploit the beauty of complex fabrics and unusual forms. Simple but striking short sleeved shirts are a staple but called for something special like detachable paper collars; summer walks ask for cropped, trim-legged trousers – cigarette-thin to keep it refined; and the decoration comes from the past –ascots and skinny ties in luxury brocades are tied beside watch-ready waistcoats cut from my grandmother’s rice and flour sacks. I continue to design for the Modern Gentleman – the guy who not only knows why, but how a life with style can truly matter.” - MC

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Perfectly Reasonable Daydream: Thad

Perfectly Reasonable Daydream: I design a shirt as beautiful as Thad Cockrell's voice.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Daily Reflection: May 4, 2009

After an amazing shoot all day today with Debora Spencer, I'm more than excited about Thursday's collection preview at Thaw. I knew Debora's track record as a photographer was already fabulous and loaded with photographs of - and recommendations from - people I greatly admire. Spending the better part of 6 hours in her studio today was a joy. With a truly skilled and trustworthy team taking shape, I'm able to step into a shoot with such confidence. With Henry on hair, Suresh on makeup, Mitch assisting in every way, some very striking and gifted models, Debora behind the lens today capturing some very powerful images - it all allows me to see the clothes in so many new ways, and offers me a freedom I endlessly crave - the opportunity to guide and preen a larger sense of the collection that up until this moment I have spend very long hours preparing.
Somehow the 13 or 15 hour days I've been tallying for the past weeks become completely reasonable when considering the rewards of these moments. I suppose a remark like that is either the sign of a true workahaulic - or more likely - the marker of an accomplishment that sits very closely to the reasons I do any of this in the first place. Anyone who gives themselves permission to embed their life in the work they love knows how the hours pass with ease when in the midst of that high.

I'm proud of what we're putting together here, and I'm even more excited to share it with you all on the runway Thursday night - and again in photos very soon.