Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Time To Rend | A Time To Sew | TWO

It is Winter now, my friends.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nine Pins = One Collar | J.A.'s Manhattan Style

As I recall from my very first research paper written in fourth grade, audience members wanting to watch Barnum and Bailey's Circus around 1900 could use either pennies or pins to pay their admission. At the time, pins were evidently valuable enough to function as currency.

At the same time, detachable paper or celluloid collars for men could be purchased for nine cents from various mail order catalogs or street vendors.

I wonder if J.A. included a mere nine pins in the envelope with the order form for his wonderful Manhattan style no-turn-down.

Music to my Ears | Curve

"I think we're the only shop around anymore that still bothers to make a hand-tailored coat." -M.E.W., master tailor, Seattle Opera.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Getting Back To It

Spending my days along side a master tailor has been a joy, a prividelge, and has taught me so much. Apart from learning the shop and handling various odds and ends in my first week and a half, I have made four pair of 18th Century style fall-front knee breeches and 3 red velvet waist coats.

A few other things that my new job has taught me:

-Professional theatre is hard work
-The benefits of using tailor's tape
-Press your napped fabrics on a velvet board to retain the loft in their pile
-A double welt pocket is not nearly as complicated as it looks
-Stereotypes about those who work in theatre are entirely untrue
-Stereotypes about those who work in theatre are entirely true
-A giant learning curve is the best thing a job can offer
-Though I swore I never would, I have found a career that uses math on a daily basis
-I'm a fool to not have a sleeve board or tailor's ham in my studio

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hats Please: Part IV | You've Come To Expect It From Me

With the acquisition of a bit of spending money (or the promise of some, at least), I have stayed true to my wish list and purchased a cowboy hat. The Stetson I opted for is not cream colored like George Strait's, but two-stepping to "I've Come to Expect It From You" feels just as good in brown. The more urban styled crown seems better suited to a city boy like me, and the quality and fit simply cannot be beat.

But then again, who cares what my hat looks like when Anna's skirt can move like this?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Putting On My Union Suit

As of yesterday afternoon, I have been hired on as a stitcher for the Seattle Opera. I will be working along side master tailors and cutters to make costumes for their upcoming production of Don Giovanni. I'm very excited about this, to say the least.

I wonder if IATSE Theatrical Wardrobe Union #887 has a dress code.