Friday, November 24, 2006

Getting Back To It

Spending my days along side a master tailor has been a joy, a prividelge, and has taught me so much. Apart from learning the shop and handling various odds and ends in my first week and a half, I have made four pair of 18th Century style fall-front knee breeches and 3 red velvet waist coats.

A few other things that my new job has taught me:

-Professional theatre is hard work
-The benefits of using tailor's tape
-Press your napped fabrics on a velvet board to retain the loft in their pile
-A double welt pocket is not nearly as complicated as it looks
-Stereotypes about those who work in theatre are entirely untrue
-Stereotypes about those who work in theatre are entirely true
-A giant learning curve is the best thing a job can offer
-Though I swore I never would, I have found a career that uses math on a daily basis
-I'm a fool to not have a sleeve board or tailor's ham in my studio


Anonymous Mr. C said...

I think we're having tailor's ham for Christmas this year.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:53 AM  
Anonymous Ysa said...

I happen to know someone who makes tailor's hams...

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His sartorial style runs toward jeans, Hawaiian shirts and cowboy boots, and he favors the grizzled, haven't-shaven-in-days look.
-- Gary Rivlin, "AOL's Rough Riders", Industry Standard, October 23, 2000

She probably sensed that he had married her for her beautiful dark eyes and sartorial splendor -- and she may now have regretted the plumed hats and luxurious fur collars she had worn seductively in her youth.
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10:24 AM  
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