Sunday, October 15, 2006

"What the f#@*, dude?"

I'm sorry to leave this blog unattended for so long! I promised myself I wouldn't become "one of THOSE" who starts a blog and then disappears two months into it. No, not me.

More than that, I'm sorry to leave you with such a dismal post for so long. Tiff was right, I never should have done that. Though in the past week I have tallied up at least half a dozen moments where someone openly, actively, shunned or scorned my wardrobe.

Last night on the walk home there was the guy who shook his head in shame and said "Give me a break" as I walked by. Clearly, I was the one deserved a break at that moment.

During the post-football game madness in my neighborhood, I stood out like sore thumb being the only one not covered in Husky purple from head to toe. This, evidently, was equally as shocking to one of the purple monsters on the street as I passed and he laughed while asking "What the f#@*, dude?"

I'm not whining, mind you. This is par for the course, and quite minor compared to the crap I used to put up with in the midwest. Nothing could top the middle aged couple at a mall in Green Bay who stopped dead in the their tracks, covered their mouths and pointed and laughed at me because I was wearing a scarf. What IS it about these scarves? This is NOT a challenging garment, folks. Skirts, maybe. Scarves, NO!

Thankfully, all was redeemed at a cafe last night where the adorable barista took a loving to my belt buckle. She was delighted and amazed that I paid a mere 10 cents for it at a garage sale in Wausau, Wisconsin. "No seriously..." she said, "10 cents? What the f#@*, dude? That's awesome!"

Awesome, indeed.


Anonymous Patrick said...

Yes well I'm glad you're taking one for the team in the uDistrict. I'm feeling inspired to wear a skirt to school tomorrow; I think I may...

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Tiff said...

1. Thank you for the new post.

2. You really need to start telling people to blow it out their asses. It always makes me feel better.

3. Rarely do I use the phrase "par for the course." I don't like golf, and frankly I don't like the word par. But I just used that golfy-phrase in an online discussion board for one of my classes. Then I checked your blog and there it was again!

4. Scarves are functional and fashionable. You wear particularly lovely scarves. Keep wearing them...

8:23 AM  
Anonymous eric said...

remember mikey, stand strong ;)

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Cranky Ali said...

Let me tell you something. Just yesterday as I was going out to get curtain rods for the ninth time in 24 hours, I thought to myself that I could sum up what I missed about Seattle in exactly 2 words:

Fred Meyer.

I know, disloyal to my hometown, but people there are pretty nervy. Like anyone gives a crap what any of them think of what you're wearing. They're just adolescents all dressed up like people with real jobs, except the baristas, who actually are the only people in Seattle who do anything important for a living.

2:06 PM  

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