Thursday, June 28, 2007

A-Press, B-Press, C-Press...

After a mere two days work, I have unrolled, hand pressed, steamed, and re-rolled over 349 yards of fabric at the Seattle Opera.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Freak Flag II | Freedom | Fremont Solstice Parade 2007

Now I present you with a smattering of images from this year's Fremont Solstice Celebration. My city's ultimate expression of honest creativity and personal expression, I look forward to this parade with intense excitement after my first time being part of it all last summer. High fashion is great, but it can also be cold and square as hell. Gatherings like this remind me of how fun and rewarding inexpensive and impromptu body decoration can be....i love it!
With the help of our friends Anna, Rachel and Rosie, Jacob and I stripped down and joined the troupe of around 300 naked or nearly naked cyclists to lead the parade. Our modesty (and hopefully an inherent sense of class) brought into the equation two small sequined posing straps to make the experience a bit more comfortable, more exciting, even.

here are some highlights from both the parade and the pre-parade-painting-party hosted by our new friends from Solstice Cyclists. Having such a friendly space to work made our 2 hours of morning preparation and painting even more fun!

Yours truly in his red stars.

Wonderfully buzzing bees putting on their stripes and stingers. Their swarming and buzzing kazoos during the parade were amazing!

Flowers and stars enjoying the brief bit of morning sun.

Where's Waldo?

Jacob and I with local celebrity Rosie Powers; founding member of Seattle's legendary LaMar Harrington collective.

And the final addition: a feather covering for the mandatory bike helmet. It's the law!

The group gathering before the start of the parade for a group photo.

Come join us next year! You know you want to...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Encouraging Sights | For Summer

Anonymous, Hutchinson Family Singers, 1845

Monday, June 11, 2007

Encouraging Words | For Summer

Peter had different criteria for meeting potential love interests.

"They had to have a nice smile, and you had to have something in common. It never occured to me or my friends that their body had anything to do with how great a partner they would be. That was before the days when everybody went to gyms and stuff. Its so completely different now."

-Pianist Peter Mintun from Midnight at the Palace: My Life With the Fabulous Cockettes by Sweet Pam Tent