Wednesday, May 06, 2009


“I’ve been driven by color with this new collection. Pairing a playful palette with pieces that speak of the tailoring traditions I love so much has offered a steady stream of thrills. For this new collection I’ve vowed to present styles that are particularly pragmatic and wearable, without ever compromising opportunities to fully exploit the beauty of complex fabrics and unusual forms. Simple but striking short sleeved shirts are a staple but called for something special like detachable paper collars; summer walks ask for cropped, trim-legged trousers – cigarette-thin to keep it refined; and the decoration comes from the past –ascots and skinny ties in luxury brocades are tied beside watch-ready waistcoats cut from my grandmother’s rice and flour sacks. I continue to design for the Modern Gentleman – the guy who not only knows why, but how a life with style can truly matter.” - MC