Saturday, November 24, 2007

Final Days | Teatr Dramatyczny

I'm in the final leg of my visit here in warsaw, and progress on the show is moving forward, designs being confirmed and falling into place, and my itch to return to my normal life growing stronger every minute. This afternoon we have a full run-through of everything that has been developed up until this point, which will be a nice chance to see the piece as it is at the moment, play with all of the costume prototypes I have made on the actors as they perform, and negotiate further thoughts for the designs that have yet to be confirmed.

I'm happy to say that the majority of ideas I have brought to the table for the show have been accepted by Bob, and I see a chance for most of them to be refined for the final production. Of course there is always the challenge of ensuring one's own creative and visual voice is present when design for what is ultimately someone else's project. I'll save the details of that for over coffee with you sometime. In the meantime, I'll be working hard to not lose track of my own aesthetic this-n-that for this show, and will continue searching for a way to use this experience as a chance to grow.

Its looking more and more like this show will be performed at the Teatr Dramatyczny here here Warsaw; a beautiful old theatre in the Stalin-built Palace of Culture in the city's center. I visited yesterday with my assistants and wonderful new friends Paulina and Anya, and was able to meet the dress makers and tailors on hand who will be eventually bring my designs to life next fall. Their workspaces were beyond charming, and seeing these wonderful men and women work in the small shops was a joy; people so deeply steeped in traditional garment making are few and far between these days, and one of the biggest visible blessings for me at this point has to do with the fact that I will be able to work with them when I return next year. Here are a few of the women at work in their space. Sadly, my camera battery died immediately after taking this photo and I was not able to photograph the tailor's workshop like i had hoped. It was, more or less, the male equivalent of this space. Tweeds and worsteds on the racks instead of silks.

Things like this keep me excited.

After our run through this afternoon I'll be documenting the work I have done thus far, taking actor's measurements, and doing all I can to ensure I return to the states with as many of my ducks in a row as possible. This is the last chance i"ll see these people or performers for a year, and a lot more work has to happen while I'm back in Seattle. Having a full toolbox will be essential.


Blogger Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

I hope your journey home includes a little stay in Chicago!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mikey....Look forward to seeing you on home turf and hearing the stories! Have a safe journey home....
Miss you.....RP

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Mr. C said...

Safe travels home, sir. If nothing else, this trip has provided you with a bunch of stories about the motherland.

6:35 PM  

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