Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sleepless in Warsaw | Boring Post

For as well as I was doing, it seems I have managed to completely mess up my sleep schedule after 6 days in Warsaw. Its 1:22 am and I just finished 5 hours of sleep. The combination of working hard and jatlag have left me incredibly exhausted starting around 5pm, and every effort to just take a quick nap at the hotel has been overpowered and turns into a full night’s rest, more or less. So, here I sit…wide away…anxiously awaiting breakfast in 7 hours.

This morning consisted of another trip to a flea market to gather things to use for costume elements and props. This particular market called Olympia was much more geared to serving people with very little money, rather than showcasing valuable and sought-after antiques like yesterday’s. Amongst piles of rusty tools, old clothes, and soup and smoked fish vendors we found everything we needed to really sink our teeth in; 3 bicycle tires, 3 umbrellas, and several pair of large scissors that will all become costume elements for rehearsal in some capacity or another.

Anya and Paulina were around all afternoon to help me get started, and they have both quickly shown their skill and general pleasant attitude when it comes to getting work done. We began assembly on a large hoop skirt make of interlocking wire coat hangers, a boxy head cage of sorts, and 12 paper rockets that will serve as a quick and dirty version of the originals to be made later on in the production. Being able to delegate work is a pleasure, but also difficult. Efficiently moving forward is paramount with such a short workshop, and I want to make as much happen while I am here as possible. To my delight these young women have very fast and deft hands. I’m confident in their ability to make nicely crafted objects to use in rehearsal for the remainder of the workshop. If I can have my way I will have detailed drawings and mock-ups made for everything in the show before I leave for Seattle. This is a tall order – there are well over fifty pieces in the show ane we’ve only just begun.

In other news, I visit a doctor on Tuesday or Wednesday to have my stitches removed, and I can only hope they give the ok to get rid of all this plaster and fabric that has been keep me immobile from the thumb up. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sorry for the boring blog; this one in particular really sounds like the diary entry of a very bored clothing designer in need of a better sleep schedule.


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