Friday, November 16, 2007

Junk | Flea

Moving forward with designs, I have stock piled a simple bundle of supplies to get me started today. Even more exciting is a trip to a famous flea market tomorrow morning with Joanna, Warsaw’s representative for the production company in Milan. She ensured me that it would be exciting and a great chance to see something “very Polish.” In my experience flea markets are always a great way to see and understand a new place…people’s junk is quite informative, and the ways they barter and sell always say a lot. I can’t wait.

I want bike tires, bird cages, wooden boxes and umbrellas for the show….and a big fur hat for myself. Seriously, who can visit eastern Europe when its SO COLD and not rock the big fur hat!?

Traveling alone is always difficult, and I am reminded of that again with this trip. I was hoping I’d have several friends on board with the workshop here, but it seems as though that didn’t work out and it is only myself and the stage manager for the rest of the run. Once Bob returns from New York I’ll hope to pal around with his assistant David – he’s good fun. One’s level of commitment to seeing a new place has to be even higher when you’re tackling it alone. Its so much easier when you have a partner in crime or someone else to help read maps, ask questions, find dinner, etc. And more than that, someone else with whom you can share the new and exciting things travel offers.

Once again I’m up far too early – but 6am today is a two hour improvement from 4am yesterday. I’ll get this jetlag thing figured out sooner or later.


Anonymous cory said...

I'm pretty good with bartering. Well...when I have Kelsey with I am. You can send her up to anyone with a great find in one hand and a quarter in the other and 15 minutes of uncontrollable laughter later you have yourself a treasure.
You're a pretty brave little toaster, I'm sure you're finding your way around just fine.
I work with some girls from Poland. Good people those Polish. I'll ask Marta where the "hot spots" are. Cheap food, cheap booze, cheap clothes and/or fur hats, you know, the necessities.

8:00 AM  

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