Sunday, November 11, 2007

Domestic Disturbance | Poland | And I Never Even Knew!

Upon forcing my hands into dirty dish water, I seriously cut my right hand on broken glass I did not know was there. And this was no small cut folks....this was a call-911-get-yer-neighbor-to rush-you-to-the-ER-cut-down-to-the tendon-can-see-my-own-thumb-bone kind of cut; so serious that the doctor on duty at the ER wasnt keen on handling the task and requested the presence of a hand specialist from the hospital.

I use my hands every day. My hands, among other things, pay the bills. I was horrified.

After several hours of x-rays, consultations, and mobility tests, the surgeon executed a beautiful stitching job both on the damaged tendon and effected skin. I watched every step, and would confidently hire this guy to tackle my own studio work. His many tidy stitches, each secured with a triple square knot, were a welcome sight.

On the very same day, I learned that my project with Robert Wilson in Poland is a go, and I will be hopping a plane to Warsaw on Tuesday evening. I'm headed off for a 13-day intensive workshop on the production, renderings in one hand, bum thumb on the other.


Blogger Erk said...

Oooouch! Lots of love to you and your thumb!

2:41 PM  
Blogger mc said...

thanks erk!

10:02 AM  

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