Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Time Soon | 2 | Current Disinterest

Two staples of design I don't anticipate using in my work any time soon:
1 | The Raglan Sleeve: Used on men's raincoats and topcoats for decades, the shape doesn't interest me in the least. In my opinion, using a raglan a surefire way to ruin the alluring geometry of the male wardrobe by softening the shoulder line with its neck-to-cuff seam running down the outside of the arm. The resulting outward bulge at the upper arm is unattractive, even with the most superb flitting and tailoring magic.

2 | The Color Blue (with the exception of navy, shades leaning toward green, and when designing custom work for gentlemen with bright blue eyes): While the Sartorialist gives me many reasons to love it, my sensibilities just don't leave room for the color these days. The allure of a warm palette is far too strong for me to stay away. And frankly, I'm tired of blue being on every boy's list of favorite colors. That alone makes me reluctant.


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