Thursday, May 29, 2008

My freaky world | the polarized Alternate | Loosen up!

"With the changes going on in our world today, it is the culture that demands fashion. Any retailer, any manufacturer, any designer who is unaware of these changes will be, after a while, destroyed by the dated quality of his merchandise. Numerous examples could be cited of progressive manufacturers, designers and retailers who have been successful because they understand the dynamics of change and fashion. This success has occurred not only in the freaky world of alternate culture boutiques, but across the board from business suits to sportswear.

We have seen in the past few years a tremendous cultural change among men: there is a polarization between young and old, establishment and radicalism, conformity and individualism. We have often talked about how this has led, in our view, to the creation of three distinct fashion markets: Dominant, Middle and Alternate.

Thus, to ignore fashion in today's culture or to define it incorrectly are both mistakes. Instead, if you think of fashion as a constant, broad supply of new ideas stimulating the consumer to loosen up, to express pleasure in his clothes, to accept change, you will be in the right position to deal with today's world."

Robert L. Green from Fundamentals of Men's Fashion Design: A Guide to Tailored Clothes


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