Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Inspiration | Ms. Bradley

One of the most rewarding things of opening my own public space to showcase my work has been the warm, welcoming response I often receive from the public. Absolute strangers - kind, friendly faces, often poke their head in as they're passing by simply to welcome me to the neighborhood or applaud my courage in forging ahead on my own creative path. In the midst of the many fears and doubts and trails that prevail in my mind, these faces - these comments - keep me encouraged and ready to work even harder to turn MC into something truly special.

One of the most unexpected and wonderful examples of this arrived in the mail late last week. Upon seeing my article in Seattle Magazine, Ms. Bradley of Seattle took the time to track down
this article she saved about America's finest tailors and the traditions they embody, trimming the top with a carefully typed note for me. Opening the envelope to find this made my month, even.

The article is now tacked to my design board, offering her encouragement every time I glance at it during my work day.

Yes Ms. Bradley, I'd happily take you on as a client! Clearly you're someone very very special.

And YES! Ms. Bradley, I'll be doing all I can to prove them wrong! Tailoring is not seeing its last days if I have anything to say about it!


Blogger Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

the ART of tailoring will be appreciated again!

2:24 PM  
Blogger Erk said...

Great blessings upon Ms. Bradley! and, of course, as always, MC.

7:38 AM  
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