Friday, January 23, 2009

On Grace: Addendum I

The thing is, folks, her approach lets her straddle so many many identities. An absolutely perfect textbook example of the proudly strange individualism of the sixties, Grace opts not to be distinctly feminine or masculine; she happily and actively samples both. Her voice shows us this. Her attitude shows us this. Her wardrobe showed us this. The strength and intensity with which she sings and performs was otherwise reserved for the men of rock...she not only claims this power as her own, but makes it distinctly clear that honest, intuitive, emotionally driven and passionate art-making is not about whether you're a man or woman, young or old, fat or thin, cool or uncool, from the east or west. Its about zeroing in on the deepest level of an experience. Finding an essence and purity in something, and taking the risk of recreating the experience. The biggest risk of all then becomes sharing your results with others.

"Are you talking about what it is you know, or just repeating what it was you heard?"
- "Play on Love" - Red Octopus 1975

I feel so strongly about this one. My friends know that its unlikely I'll stop talking about Grace Slick any time soon. Thank you for bearing with me.