Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Soul

To acknowledge the change into the new year, I've changed the name of this blog. Soul of a Seamster. So much of what I do creatively and in my work as a designer is about accessing my soul. I think its safe to say that many working artists spend their time striving to not only find and follow their own intuition, but then do something truly meaningful and communicative with that information, those feelings.

Moving about the city day to day, I can't help but think that so much around me has lost its soul. Objects have lost their meaning, identities become cluttered by games of trend-chasing and fad-hopping, stripping our lives bare of the more deeply meaningful. Garments function as the perfect example of this; we can cover our bodies with cheap, mass produced layers of meaningless material, or we can invest in a larger sense of style, a new movement of thinkers and makers committed to offering goods for our lives that are embedded with the history that precedes its makers. Clothing that loves the time in which it lives, but remains in direct conversation with that which came before. Style that is freshly awake and inspires change, forward thinking, and a rekindled appreciation and honoring of the world's finest crafts. Time honored traditions of making....working with soul.

I want this blog to refine itself into a steady documentation of the things that interest me, inspire me, move me, touch me, drive me, and light the fire in my belly that helps me move forward on this creative life path I seem to have cut out for myself.