Monday, July 24, 2006


Our REALstAGE presentation/performance today was a success. All of the participants in the program came to watch, and I was able to present my first foray into theatre costume design to a group of artists. I'm considering these pieces sketches. The workshop format is perfect for this sort of exploration, and I think I have stumbled upon a few ideas that I may develop further and with more refinement.

All three pieces started as men's button-down dress shirts. I modified the color and cut of the shirts for the two men, and completely deconstructed one piece for the sake of converting it into this asymmetrical dress for Uung to dance in.

For Andreas' shirt (which you can see in the large wall projection) I revisited a large spiral collar shape, this time inserting red satin-finish cotton in as ruffle that spilled out. The love triangle of the plot called for this color, and the character's heartache seemed best represented by spilling out of the top of his geometric collar.

And, I am proud to say that Bob felt "the costumes were great!" This is good news, and I am glad he felt these prototypes were worth mentioning in his analysis of our project.

My new friend Gwen Van Den Eijnde, a French clothing designer and performance artist, had a hand in all of these pieces as well. I suspect he and I will have a chance to collaborate again soon.


Anonymous wil van den eijnde said...

This seems to be a person I know very well. Somewhere behind the screens in misty lines but with a
astonishing strong expression in silence..
"Carresse l'image", moi aussi

12:09 AM  

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