Saturday, July 22, 2006

REALstAGE and Sweet Honey

Creative work has finally begun. I am part of a workshop here called REALstAGE led by architect Christina Back and choreographer Helle Bach, two lovely Danish women who have proposed a project that looks for a means to incorporate cell phones, text messages, and digital video media into contemporary theatre.

The mission states that "REALstAGE's new stage form investigates how the technical communication tools can be used to challenge the physical interaction between the audience and the performer/dancer across time and space."

Its a lovely project and I'm glad I'm on board. I will be designing 3 costumes, and styling another 10 or so for the workshop's presentation on Monday.

Though I must say, better than all else has been our 3 day singing workshop with Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon, the founding member of Sweet Honey In The Rock. Dr. Reagon, along with Marcelle Davies Lashley, Josette Newsome, Jason (sorry Jason, never learned your last name...but boy can you sing!) and Toshi Reagon led us all in song every afternoon for 2 hours. In general, there is no music at Watermill. Bob thrives on silence and its an important part of what happens here. Thankfully, we were all given a chance to make a joyful noise with the help of some of the most kind, open minded and beautiful singers I have ever had a chance to spend time with.

Black music has an incredible power to bring people together, and singing these songs side by side with my new friends from all over the world was a truly incredible experience. I'll never forget it.

Come and go with me to that land...


Anonymous Mr. C said...

Seeing as how, based on the images and comments in the blog, work in a land of no music and little visual color, some gospel music is probably just what the doctor ordered.

God bless you.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

I too recently partook an a lovely oppurtunity to sing along side Mary Lee Bendolf, Louisiana Bendolf, and Loretta Pettway. Gospel music is truely what the doctor ordered and we are blessed to have it.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Laurent said...

Hey Michael!
It's good to get news of the Center from you.
We were very pleased to meet you during the benefit.
Enjoy your time.

Laurent + St├ęphane

3:34 AM  
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