Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MC on St. Steven | Glow

When projects of a certain weight come out of the ether and into my physical world, I take them very seriously. It is a special moment for an artist to be visited by inspiration, and when that inspiration can be quickly identified as something – a real something – it means it is timeto get to work, time to get serious, and time to ride on the pleasures of the creative process.
For years I have known that this project is a special one, and now that it is happening I know that I need to create a special family around me to make certain it can blossom and grow into the wonder I know it will become. Working with interns is something I love, and for this endeavor the impulse to bring one on was particularly strong. But with a strong impulse comes a certain heavy weight. When something resonates, grows, builds and evolves, you need a sounding board you can trust and rely upon. You need someone who is functioning on a similar plane as you are so that you can speak freely, share openly, and create a flowing language that passes between people without judgment orwavering, but with the sturdy strength of good intentions and keen (like)minds.

After ruminations and careful thinking, it was clear that Steven was the one for this project. I receive proposals for internships often, and the people who come to me are always so lovely. They’re talented. They’re eager to impress and please. They’re interested in the world and more times than not, they’re even fans of MC. What is not to love about this equation? But with Steven I see something more. Intuitively I know that he “gets it.” And not only does he get “it” (whatever that ambiguous “it” may be) but he also gets himself. And he takes time to know himself, learning about his own mind, investigate his own interests, and dip down deeply into the experienceof thinking about and responding to fashion in a way that is not just unique, but truly inspiring to me as an artist. He uses the written word to respond with the very same considered touch that he responds with his own dress.
I’ve given him the nickname St. Steven because there is always a bright glow around him (and the nod to the Grateful Dead song made it all the more fitting). Don’t let all of the black in his wardrobe fool you, friends. Steven is concentrated sunshine, and around his mind is the warm halo of life, light, and individuality!
I’m so pleased to have him with me onthis journey. As we blog, rally, write, sing, dance, draw, share and create you will hear his voice intermixed with mine. Please open your ears to what he has to say – it will be coming to you with soul.


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