Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Holidays | We Love You

December is here, Black Friday was great fun and a delight - and here we are ringing in the holiday season at MC. I've been slow with blogging and do apologize. My new holiday collage on the front design board is a step in the right direction, I hope.

Elements include:

-Antique photographs of well-decorated young men, circa 1880
-My great grandmother's thread (happily in tact on their original wooden spools) - it felt great to let them swag.
-Detachable paper collars, circa 1880 - 1920 with decorative pearl and brass collar buttons
-MC garment labels
-2 antique glass christmas bulbs - visual appeal = exquisite
-Seam binding in the most perfect color of red-orange
-Collar and shirt front advertisements, circa 1918 - prices range from 2 to 9 cents each
-Green wreath freshly picked from the annual tree sale at The Dunshee House
-Brass plate #185
-Sheet music "Meditation"
-Golden garment clasp
-Prescription for medication - 06 August, 1902
-Paper shirt front (reproduction, hand-colored by MC)
-Well used, well-loved cloth tape measures of the past
-A reminder: We Love You
(suspended on a 6" upholstery needle)