Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reinterpretation | From Paper to Felt

A wonderful new feature on Olivier Wever's new company Whim W'Him - and our production of 3SEASONS - has just hit the newstands in the newest issue of Seattle Metropolitan. This production is coming together so beautifully and I am still very excited to be on board as costume designer.

The sculptural collars I did a while back for the Paper Fashion exhibition in Europe caught Wevers' eye, so we am in the midst of re-interpreting them for dance. Translating these similar shapes into new materials is a fun process and a great reminder of how very much our materials can manipulate a form and offer us new ways of seeing an object.
Above is a photo of one of the original collars from 2007, followed up by some process shots of the new collars we are working on for 3SEASONS. We've gone from paper to felt.


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