Friday, July 03, 2009

MC STYLE TIP #14 | Morale

MC STYLE TIP #14: If you see someone on the street looking great, tell them how you feel. Keep our collective style-morale high and our streets looking beautiful.

For instance: when passing by a very perfectly dressed young man yesterday I simply said, "I love your hat. Its perfect and you look really great today!"

And what was so perfect about his look, you ask? He was wearing a lightly rumpled beige cotton button-down shirt (think 1940s safari), fitted brown cotton trousers, carrying a vintage leather shoulder bag and wearing an ivory-colored straw panama hat with a wide brim and black band. It all served as the perfect counterpoint to his dark skin and fashionable facial hair. The look was comfortable and he wore it well....nothing forced, no struggle, seemingly effortless but wholly considered. Bravo smart young man at Olive and Bellevue! I wish I had my camera along to play Sartorialist for a minute.


Blogger One Wilde Knight said...

Amen, brother!

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