Sunday, June 21, 2009

MC STYLE TIP #8 | Launder

MC STYLE TIP #8: Don't over-launder your clothes. Excessive washing and drying is damaging to duds and will ruin them fast. Just hang in open air for a while to clean most garments. This is especially true with jackets, vests and dress trousers.

Once upon a time, when people were much more caring and efficient with how the cared for their things, one one use a clothes brush on their garments after each wear to brush off any dust and dirt. The garment would then be hung in a closet until its next wearing. A simple airing-out is more than adequate for most garments. Undies and such become an exception, of course. But remember, one primary purpose of your underwear is to protect your outer clothes from internal soil. Other purposes include securing and shaping your body, offering additional warmth, and looking damn sexy when the outer layers come off!


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