Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MC Profile | 1920 Koy

In looking through the treasures of my grandmother's home, I've been blessed to come across a small pile of antique rice bags...likely my great grandmother's from the 1920s. Marie Koy, the fantastic, hardworking and thrifty woman who was smart enough - and resourceful enough - to save these bags probably had no idea that almost 90 years later they would be used to construct garments in this new collection.

This is quite possibly my favorite piece in the collection, so I wanted to start this new series of profiles with it. And I also wanted to name it accordingly: 1920 Koy. Thanks Great Grandma Koy...your stories of living without electricity, of Wausau Wisconsin's first car, and of carefully folded and saved rice sacks will always be fondly remembered.