Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In The Hopper

For Mr. Gratton: Sheer black organdy dress shirt with turquoise silk charmeuse accents.

For Mr. Beetham: Custom morning coat with steep cutaway in front; brown window pane plaid wool, red silk lining.

For Mr. Caspary: White 4" detachable collar (heavily starched to approximate turn-of-the-century styles; the lived history of the real thing is something that I cannot create - only time can make this possible. A huge blessing would be for this collar to last as long as the ones I gather as collectibles from the last century).

For Mr. Doty: Silver-grey and black striped wool suit; two piece, three buttons; for his wedding day.

For You: Michael Cepress ONLINE STORE, Launching this month!


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