Thursday, March 15, 2007

Book Release

I would like to announce the release of the book that has been published as an accompanyment to RRIPPP: Paper Fashion, the exhibition I've been fussing over on this blog for the past few weeks. I have always believed that one of the biggest blessings a curator can offer the public is an opportunity to purchase a beautiful printed document of the work on display. This is an even bigger treat when the exhibition is happening across the globe and we can't make it there in person!

An added bonus with this one is that yours truly got the cover (wink wink).

For a quick preview, I have posted images of the book. Over 300 full color pages of images and text highlighting a really amazing range of paper used in fashion and garment history. Those of you interested in owning your own copy can contact me directly, and I will make arrangements to get you one; and of course you'll have your choice of either the English or Greek edition. 70 dollars and its yours - a steal considering it is only available through the curator directly or at the New Benaki Museum in Athens. I gather the other museums that will host this exhibition in the future will also have it in their bookshops.

Contact me at if you are interested.