Friday, August 04, 2006


As I got dressed this morning, my Cambodian roommate very matter of factly asked me if I was planning to dance at our morning meeting. For him, a wrapped rectangle of cloth around his waist is the perfect garment to perform in.

In the same way, Illenk is proof in the cultural pudding that other cultures do not bat an eyelash at men wearing something other than pants. I turned up this morning in these designs of mine, and was instantly comforted knowing that everyone here would not only accept my garments as normal...or at least reasonable. Because of our clothing, my kinship with Illenk seemed especially strong today, so I wanted to document it on film. Thanks to Carlos, once again, for taking lovely photos. Illenk wears something like this every day. I suspect he has for the past 21 years.

Sadly, outside of Watermill the response is not quite as warm. I've worn something similar in Seattle, and have been subject to constant staring and stray remarks....not all of which were kind. The staring I welcome. The rude comments, not so much.

I wonder when America will get over this. I hope to have a hand in helping the situation along. And in the meantime, I encourage all of you young men to consider adding a skirt to your wardrobe. And if it makes you feel better, go ahead and call it a sarong. That's just fine. You all truly deserve the freedom and comfort this garment gives, and I'll have your back when the big girls on the playground get jealous and try to steal the designs you look so damn good in.