Friday, May 21, 2010


Many thanks to Mark and Jason Nava of JNAVA Clothing for their friendly visit and flattering blog post. I'm always delighted to connect with young designers in other parts of the country; we're all part of a large family and working toward a similar mission. I wish you well, JNAVA!


Blogger JNava Clothing said...

Michael! An absolute pleasure, we enjoyed our stay in your amazing town. Thank you for making our trip so special and memorable - I hope to own one of your custom suits someday. Better start saving my money! Wishing you a successful 2010 and much happiness ;)

Mark Nava

1:14 AM  
Blogger garakami said...

And if it wasn't for Mark, I never would have heard about you. His post left a great impression on me, and I admire you just for being honest about your vision.

Keep up the great work ! <3

1:10 AM  
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