Saturday, August 11, 2007

Round Two | From Wausau to Warsaw

I have returned to Watermill. And, just like last year at about this time, I sit at a hand hewn table from Thailand to write to you all. My favorite photo of Bob Wilson and Phillip Glass is hanging on the wall in front of me; it is, of course, signed by Mr. Mapplethorpe himself.

There are wonderful things and wonderful people here at Watermill.

My visit this weekend is a result of Mr. Wilson's invitation to have me design the costumes for a theatre production in Warsaw, Poland this fall. This piece, called Akropolis|Symptomes, will premier at the Teatr Dramatyczny at the end of November. I will be in Warsaw working for several weeks prior to the premier to guide the construction of the costumes with the help of a group of savvy and skilled Polish tailors and seamstresses. It is an understatement to say I'm excited about this opportunity.

With my blogging being so unsteady and inconsistant, I hope the trip abroad will help me hop back in the saddle.