Friday, September 11, 2009

MC Custom | Another for Mr. Gratton | More In Black

Mr. Gratton keeps me busy, and offers a great creative challenge with each and every design I add to his wardrobe. His commissions are especially gratifying as I know he truly wears them...he lives in them...parties in them...sweats in them....brings them in for repairs....its all so very perfect and exciting!

Here is my newly completed jacket for Mr. Gratton. He approached me with a request for something unstructured and black that played with matte/shiny contracts and had a built-in lapel that was "convertible." Here's the finished piece in what I call "Phase 1" with the satin shawl collar completely exposed.
Phases 1 thru 3 - showing the lapels in all their convertible glory!

Other special details were considered for the client's taste; he is keen on layers and loves variety and versatility without overlooking any chance for a spectacular detail. The buttons called for little bows on the inside of the front closure. Rheal sealed the deal when he said "If this flips open we need something special there. Don't you think there should be little satin bows?"

Yes, I do think there should be little satin bows!
The sleeves gather with a rouched effect...the casing allows them to be sinched to the perfect length and tied off accordingly. Rheal debuts the look for a party tonight, and we'll be trimming the ribbons to the perfect length a celebration of the new addition to his wardrobe!


Blogger Goals: said...

Wow - this is such an amazing piece!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Erk said...

Big fan of the convertible. Esp in the retracted phase 3-- mysterious features looming in the interior. Still loving the black.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Jason Loper said...

Gorgeous jacket! Hope to see a pic of the customer in it!

11:55 AM  

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